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some frequently asked questions and a little more information on what you can expect at an adventure elopement

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What is an adventure elopement?

i think this is different for each photographer, but i’d define an adventure elopement as a wedding with less than 20 guests (including the couple), outdoors, with no wedding parties.

are there special permits you need to get for weddings like this? how do you know where you can and cannot go?

yes, that’s what i’m here for! i do so much more than just take photos of you on your wedding day. i’ll be your go-to person for vendor recommendations (cakes, chefs, florists, etc.) and i can help you get all the most recent information on rules and regulations regarding where you’d like to get married. the rules vary depending on the agency governing the land, so we’ll chat about the differences between all of them and the pros and cons.

do you only photograph small elopements and weddings?

nope, not at all. although these weddings represent the majority of what i do, i have photographed weddings in churches with 300 guests and ceremonies out in the desert with 200 people camping and partying all night long. what matters most is that you feel connected to my style, from there i can help you create and capture your dream wedding.

do we have to hike really far (or hike at all) for it to be an adventure elopement?

definitely not. what matters is that we get to a place that you and your partner love. whether we pull off on the side of a dirt road and walk 100 yards to have a short ceremony, or whether we get up in the middle of the night to hike 8 miles to a view point for sunrise doesn’t matter. what matters is that we find a spot that is special, a place that you’ll want to return to again and again.

where do you want to elope?

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