Unique Places to Stay in Moab

March 1, 2020

Top 10 Unique Places to Stay in Moab

Hotels, Airbnb’s, + more options for your wedding or elopement in Moab

I feel crazy lucky to get to do what I do for work. I get to share this desert home with so many couples from all over the world. Couples who connect with the landscape and the towers and the red dirt that never leaves you. The photography is my absolute favorite part, of course, but being able to share recommendations for the best restaurants in Moab or the best places to stay makes me feel like I’m helping people save time scouring the internet for Yelp reviews, and helping make sure they have the best, most memorable experience possible.

The explosion of hotels and nightly rentals in Moab in the last 10 years is really astounding, almost giving people an overwhelming amount of choices when it comes to picking the best hotels, Airbnb’s, and campgrounds in town. I’ve nailed down my top 10 unique places to stay in Moab for all types of couples – from campers and dirtbags to people who want the coziest bed and all the amenities available. There is only one “standard” hotel on this list, simply because I think most of them are the same and they are very easy to find on your own. Most of these businesses are locally owned by people who actually live here in town, people I’m always happy to support. I’d love to hear about your experiences staying at these places, or some of your favorites not on the list in the comments below! In no particular order, the Best, Unique Places to Stay in Moab…

Top 10 unique places to stay in Moab, UT

1. Red Rock Basecamps

best places to stay in moabThese nightly teardrop trailer rentals offer so much more than just camper rentals. Their custom teardrop trailers are fully outfitted with everything you could ever need for camping, including headlamps, rugs, camp chairs & solar power. Not only that, but you don’t even need to tow them. You just let them know where you’ll be camping & when, & they’ll tow the trailer out to your site AND set it up for you. Not to mention the cozy queen size bed, ability to charge your phones & devices while out in the wild, & a full kitchen set up so you don’t have to deal with waiting in line in at a restaurant in town. Red Rock Basecamps is awesome for people who want to camp but are maybe flying in & don’t have all of their gear with them, & also don’t want the hassle of setting up and taking down camp.

Website: Red Rock Basecamps


2. Moab Nightly Rentals

best places to stay in moab

These nightly rentals have several great in town locations to choose from. With lodging options that sleep anywhere from 2-11 guests, you could easily accommodate a small group so that everyone has their own place to stay but can still stay close together. Not only that, but you can rent out the entire property and have your wedding there! I love the private courtyard and backyard feel of this property.

Website: Moab Nightly Rentals




3. The Hoodoo by Hilton

best places to stay in moabOne of the newest hotels in Moab, the Hoodoo by Hilton is part of their Curio collection of boutique style hotels. They have every amenity imaginable – from a gorgeous pool to a full restaurant and bar – you’ll have everything you need for your time in Moab. Not only that, but they are located right in the middle of town, one block off Main Street. You can stay in luxury and walk through town in the evenings for shopping (go to Moab Made and the Back of Beyond bookstore!) and dinner and drinks (the La Sal House!).

Website: The Hoodoo



4. Under Canvas Moab

best places to stay in moabAnother unique experience for your stay in Moab, this glamping set up is perfect for weddings and elopements in style. I’ve photographed everything from small weddings and engagement sessions here, to a full on wedding where the couple rented out the entire property (yes, that’s an option!). Under Canvas has locations near national parks all over the country, so they’re definitely worth checking out wherever you go. Recent elopements and engagements at Moab Under Canvas: Moab Under Canvas Elopement, Moab Under Canvas Couples Photos, Wedding at Moab Under Canvas

Website: Moab Under Canvas




5. 3 Dogs and a Moose

best places to stay in moabI am always a fan of lodging options where you can have your own private space, but still be close to your friends and fam. 3 Dogs & a Moose is perfect for that vibe. With cottages right in town that can accommodate 2-6 people, your small group can stay close together but you can still lay low and have your personal space. Not only that, they’re pet friendly!

Website: 3 Dogs & a Moose






6. Casa Moab

best places to stay in moab

This is a hidden gem. Rentable on AirBnB and VRBO, this place has a sauna, so basically if you rent it you’re going to need to invite me over because saunas are my favorite. There’s a grill and an outdoor fire pit, and I think this place would be so rad to rent out, string some lights up, and have a low key celebration out in the courtyard with your friends and fam.

Website: Casa Moab





7. Basecamp Adventure Lodge

best places to stay in moabTalk about a unique place to stay and have your wedding. The Basecamp Adventure Lodge is way off the beaten path. It takes a long, bumpy dirt road to get there. But to those who are willing to go the extra miles, this place is absolutely worth it. The solitude, especially in the evening, is as close to backcountry camping as you can get while still getting to stay in a cozy bed indoors.

Website: Basecamp Adventure Lodge







8. Talking Mountain Yurts

best places to stay in moab

If you’re into mountain biking or skiing, or just love the mountains, then Talking Mountain Yurts will be right up your alley. These guys have a few yurts up in our local La Sal Mountains that you can rent out, one of which is situated so that you can literally hit a mountain bike trail from your doorstep. The sunsets up here are our magic!

Website: Talking Mountain Yurts





9. Castle Valley Inn

best places to stay in moab

If you have never experienced Castle Valley, staying at the Castle Valley Inn (especially in the fall) is one of the best ways to do it. The night sky, the silence, and the views are all pretty hard to beat. The Inn has a gorgeous orchard on site, so if you like apples, definitely stay here in October!

Website: Castle Valley Inn







10. The Yurts at Dead Horse Point State Park

Most peoplebest places to stay in moab don’t know that there are yurts at Dead Horse Point, one of my favorite parks anywhere near Moab. I spend more time photographing couples here than nearly anywhere else, and for good reason. This place is always different, but always spectacular. I have always thought it’d be amazing for a couple to rent a yurt up here, elope at sunset, then head back to their yurt for more photos of champagne popping and dancing under the stars. Here are a few couples who have spent time at DHP: Engagement photos at Dead Horse Point, Dead Horse Point Elopement

Website: Dead Horse Point Yurts

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