maggie + holden / dead horse point engagement photos

March 9, 2020

maggie + holden

dead horse point engagement photos

this work i get to do, it’s very hard to explain. the term wedding photographer, for me, conjures up images of someone posing aunts and uncles and the couple in uncomfortable positions, with artificial lights everywhere and lots of stress. i just cannot relate to that image, so it is sometimes hard for me to explain exactly what i get to do to people who i don’t know.

i get to meet people from all over the world. people who are in love, who are so in love, in fact, that they are willing to be vulnerable in front of a stranger so that they can have their beauty captured forever.

i get to be endlessly creative. the couples i get to interact with have a trust in me that i could never thank them enough for, a trust that allows me to see them as they are, not push them into a box or a type.

i photograph crazy outgoing couples that drink whiskey the entire time we’re shooting, who have tattoos and piercings and can’t keep their lips off eachother.

i photograph very private, very shy couples. couples that love the desert with every inch of their being, but don’t like being on a stage and don’t like being the center of attention.

i photograph couples like maggie and holden, who are all heart. who, and you can tell upon meeting them, have a kind of love that is the kind where there are the only two people in the universe when they’re locking eyes. it’s infectious and inspiring and absolutely beautiful. i was able to spend some time with them last year for their engagements at dead horse point, and now i cannot wait to see them for their wedding in sedona in a few short weeks.


moab wedding photographer_0032-1.jpg
moab wedding photographer_0002-3.jpg
moab wedding photographer_0033-1.jpg
moab wedding photographer_0001-3.jpg
moab wedding photographer_0035-1.jpg
moab wedding photographer_0034-1.jpg
moab wedding photographer_0003-3.jpg

moab wedding photographer_0004-3.jpg
moab wedding photographer_0005-3.jpg
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moab wedding photographer_0007-3.jpg
moab wedding photographer_0008-3.jpg
moab wedding photographer_0009-3.jpg
moab wedding photographer_0010-3.jpg
moab wedding photographer_0011-3.jpg
moab wedding photographer_0012-3.jpg
moab wedding photographer_0013-3.jpg
moab wedding photographer_0014-3.jpg
moab wedding photographer_0015-3.jpg
moab wedding photographer_0016-3.jpg
moab wedding photographer_0017-3.jpg
moab wedding photographer_0018-3.jpg
moab wedding photographer_0019-3.jpg
moab wedding photographer_0020-2.jpg
moab wedding photographer_0021-2.jpg
moab wedding photographer_0022-2.jpg
moab wedding photographer_0023-2.jpg
moab wedding photographer_0024-2.jpg
moab wedding photographer_0027-1.jpg
moab wedding photographer_0028-1.jpg
moab wedding photographer_0029-1.jpg
moab wedding photographer_0030-1.jpg
moab wedding photographer_0031-1.jpg
moab wedding photographer_0036-1.jpg
moab wedding photographer_0037-1.jpg


Beautiful pictures Maggie and Holden Love You Grandma and Grandpa

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