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photography for moab businesses

photography for moab businesses

at no charge

these are unprecedented, eerie times in our little town. what is usually a hectic time of year for all of us is now a time of empty streets, locked cafe doors, and standing 6 feet apart from each other.

for me, march and april were supposed to be full of creativity and love and time spent with new couples on their wedding days. instead it’s full of heartfelt, teary eyed phone calls for rescheduling and postponing. this past week has felt like an eternity, and i’m both so glad it’s over and wish it had all never happened.

but sitting around feeling helpless never got anyone anywhere, and it’s just not how i operate, so i got to thinking. how can i help my friends and fellow community members in town who have been forced to shut their doors during what is normally the beginning of the money-making season? in the age of social media having fresh, new content is, in my opinion, imperative to staying relevant and staying in touch with your existing and potential customers. as a photographer, i can create that for you.

if you own a small business here in town and would like some photos of you and/or your employees, contact me here or e-mail me directly at i want to do this at no charge. i promise to stay 6 feet away.

looking forward to hearing from you.