arches national park elopements

i’ve been shooting in this park for 10+ years now. before i started photographing couples, casey and i would take our cameras to overlooks on nights when there was a new moon and shoot the stars. we’d hike out to new areas, or fill a cooler with cheese and snacks (and wine) and take the motorcycle to have date nights mid-week. i guided in the park for REI, leading hiking trips to lesser known areas, teaching folks about the fragility and beauty of the desert, chatting along the trail about why we all loved this place so much.

arches elopements

now i feel so lucky to get to share these places, my home, with couples from all over the world. they respect them just as much as i do, and come from every corner of the globe to stand beneath these arches. yep. i love my job.

arches elopements

Arches wedding locations

arches national park can be a busy place, especially during our “high season” between march and november. that being said, i’ve shot weddings there nearly every month of the year and have always been able to deliver beautiful, intimate images to the couples. there are dozens of locations within the park that are gorgeous, natural frames for photos. here are some of my favorites:

The Windows Section

Sand Dune Arch

Park Avenue

more often than not, the ceremony happens in one location and the photos of just you two happen in another. this gives you a wider variety of photos in a place where you can’t really go wrong with the back drop!

arches elopements

Arches Wedding Permits

the national park system is for all of us, and it takes all of us protecting these spaces and being good stewards of the land to ensure they are around for the enjoyment of all the generations to come.

for that reason (among many others), i take very seriously the rules and regulations associated with photographing couples within national parks. having a wedding within a national park requires a permit. click the link below to read up on all the pertinent info via the national park service’s website.

as always, please contact me if you have any questions at all!

arches elopements

arches elopements

arches elopements