adventure elopement packages

i do not believe that getting married
is the best day
of your life.

it's only the beginning.

just the beginning
i believe that getting married is just the start. it’s the day you celebrate each other and all the love and crazy adventures yet to come. it’s also a day that you want captured in a way that truly represents you two and your love for each other. this is where the art comes in.

adventure wedding packages

adventure elopements

small, intimate weddings in the outdoors.
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full day weddings

the full day event.
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couples sessions

engagements, anniversaries, proposals, a river trip, a camping adventure with you two and your pups,
or for no reason at all.
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adventure wedding photographer in moab

what every session


access to a password-protected online gallery where you can order prints, fine art albums, and more

full printing rights and unlimited downloads to your hi-res images

complete planning assistance - from finding florists to e-mailing officiants, scoping out the best location options in the area, to helping you find cute airbnbs and tasty restaurants, i'll be your guide along the way

adventure wedding photographer

> 3-4 hours of coverage

> all the help you need in planning and preparing for your day - from providing you with an extensive list of local vendors and location recommendations to florists and moral support, i can help every step of the way

> a custom timeline created just for you on your wedding day so that all the little details are sorted out and you can just enjoy your day

> travel within utah, colorado, and arizona included

moab under canvas wedding

> up to 8 hours of coverage

> *complimentary 1 hour engagement or bridal session*

> full day coverage - from the getting ready all the way to the dance party - means i get to be there to capture the entire story of your day

> a custom timeline created just for you on your wedding day so that all the little details are sorted out and you can just enjoy!

> all the help you need in planning and preparing for your day - from providing you with an extensive list of local vendors and location recommendations to florists and moral support, i can help every step of the way

> travel within utah, colorado, and arizona included

adventure elopement packages

> engagement photos, an anniversary session, proposals, or just because you’re somewhere beautiful and want photos that weren’t taken with your phone.

> i'm always 1000% down for something different - want to go canyoneering for your engagement photos? camp beneath the stars in the middle of the desert and drink boxed wine all night? ski down your favorite peak? let's do something that matters to YOU.

> or maybe you don't know exactly what you want, but you know you want beautiful, real photos that you'll keep forever. let me know a bit about you and your partner, and i'll help give you some ideas for what to do and where we can go.

you have the questions, i have the answers

how long does it take to get my photos? how will you get them to me?

your photos are delivered via a password protected online gallery within 8 weeks of your session date. you'll also reason a handful of teasers within about 1 week of your session date. you'll be able to download all of your photos with just a few clicks, in a variety or sizes; share your gallery with friends and family; and even order prints, albums, and framed images from your day.

how many photos will i receive?

this depends on a ton of different things, but on average: couples sessions receive 75+ images per hour of shooting whereas weddings are 50-75+ images per hour of shooting. i can say that 9 times out of 10 you're going to get way more photos than you'll ever need. i tend to over deliver so that you have tons of images to choose from, and an option to kill lots of time at work when you want to go through all your photos over and over again.

what kind of gear do you use? do you have a backup camera?

i've been a diehard canon girl since before i can remember. i shoot with 2 canon bodies and all canon lenses, and i have 2 film cameras: a canon ae-1 & a medium format pentax. my boyfriend also has a canon (it's possible i converted him), so if armageddon hits and all 4 of my cameras fail, there's another one.

what is the booking process like?

first you e-mail me, then i say hey back and tell you how much i love my dogs. kinda joking but kinda not. we set up a time to chat over the phone or facetime so we can meet, talk details, and you can hit me with any and all questions you may have. if we decide we'd be a great fit, i'll e-mail you a contract with payment info. a 50% retainer is due within 2 weeks of that e-mail being sent, and then you can text me memes and photos of your pets. also wedding stuff, but mostly dogs.

why are wedding photographers so expensive?

there's a reason you see the word "investment" on most wedding photographer's websites. there is so much more that goes into this than people might think. from the hours spent e-mailing couples, chatting details over the phone, talking to venues and coordinating with wedding planners, meeting for coffee or a beer before the big day, *shooting the event*, culling, hours and hours spent editing, sending previews, & finishing galleries for delivery. if this were as simple as meeting for a few hours, taking a couple pics, and being done with it, that'd be a whole other story. but i pour everything i have into the couples whose love i'm asked to document, and i don't take it lightly. also, this is it, this is my full time gig, so that's where the money goes.

i'm REALLY awkward in front of the camera. how are you going to deal with me?

you're not the first person to say tell me this, i promise. here's how i want you to think of our time together: imagine you're in a new town, at the coffee shop, and you meet someone there who seems to have the same interests as you (drinks lots of coffee, likes being outside, etc.). they offer to take you on a local hike to one of their favorite viewpoints so you can see why they love this place so much. you walk and chat and get to know each other a bit, all the while in awe of the view. it just so happens that your new friend from the coffee shop is a photographer, so they're taking pictures while you guys are hiking. that's what we're doing. i'm the girl at the coffee shop that wants to show you her home and capture natural, candid, real moments between you and your person.

what do i need to bring with me to my shoot?

i'll go over this in greater detail before our time together, but in general: water (plenty of it), comfortable walking shoes (chacos are perfect for the desert), snacks, a jacket unless it's july in moab, and maybe even an adult beverage if that's your thing.

what if it snows/rains/hails/is cloudy/is hot on the day we're supposed to shoot?

ahh the weather. i think if i could have one superpower it would be to be able to sing like lady gaga in "a star is born", followed immediately by being able to predict the weather.

here's the straight up truth: i can't predict what the weather will do on your day, but what i can tell you is that some of my favorite photos i've ever taken have been in between snow/rain storms and in crazy wild wind. beautiful photos can happen anywhere, anytime, rain or shine. trust me on this one.

do you only book sessions and weddings in moab?

nope! the majority of my photo taking happens here at home because i'm lucky enough to live in a place that people from all over the world want to visit, but i travel all over the west for couples. helloooo road trip!