Dog mama

A bourbon-by-the-campfire kind of person

Desert soul

I'd rather sleep under the stars than in a hotel

Tattoo lover

I miss the ocean

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"he not busy being born,

is busy dying."

I think you're beautiful.

This isn't my job. This is my purpose. There’s a difference. It’s about my perception, my motivation, and my inspiration. It’s about what drives me to put myself out there and invite you to ask me to step into your life for a brief, incredibly important moment in time to capture something magical, something meaningful. It’s about that human connection. The human condition. The why behind everything we do.

It’s about a trust that you offer up to me for something irreplaceable in return. It’s about the thing I believe in above all else, the thing that matters most, The thing I have fought for in my own life and will continue to fight for, every damn day.

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it’s all about that love.

moab wedding photographer

love + place

These are the only ingredients we need to create the art that will hang on your walls for years to come.

If you were to ask me which places tug at my heart strings, I would say the desert, anywhere on the Colorado Plateau, right after the sun goes down. Then I'd say standing on the shores of the Pacific, cold beer in my hand. I'd say the Wind River Range in Wyoming, the bottom of the Grand Canyon where it seems stories are older than time. I'd say coffee shops all over the country, sitting across from Casey. I'd say any couch with one of our dogs in my lap.

Place matters because of the imprint it makes on our lives.

tell me about your place

I want to take the trip, get the tattoo, see the show, book the flight, take the risk.

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I love experiencing new places and I love taking long road trips. All that said, I'm not an extrovert. I stay home more nights than I go out, and I prefer a lot of quiet time throughout the day. I'd rather share a bottle of vino with a few close friends on the back porch than go to a massive party. I've been an athlete my whole life. from competitive gymnastics, track & field, & water polo to volleyball in college, and now weight training, skiing & mountain biking, I have always loved being physical. Casey & I now own a small community gym together here in Moab, the Gym on 5th.

I don't mind getting in the dirt and I love pushing myself to my physical & mental limits on a regular basis. I also have a solid addiction to anything French, turquoise jewelry, red lipstick, and leather boots. Because balance.

I was born and raised in San Diego, so a love of the ocean and wide open spaces took root in me from the beginning.

We were married in January in Las Vegas. We fully eloped, decided to do it about 5 days before we left town, bought shoes the morning of, and said 'I do" at a chapel in a sketchy part of town. I can't ever remember being as happy as I was that day, and the only other person there with us was our photographer. So I get it. We ran through the streets and played the slots, we danced and drank champagne from the bottle. Then we grabbed In-N-Out for dinner and everything was perfect because it was ours.

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what matters most to me

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my perfect day

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Wake up slow, outside, near a body of water

Casey (always) makes the coffee

We go for a hike with our pups, Cash and Townes, a bike ride, or a swim

Salami and cheese and peanut m&m's for lunch, maybe some wine for good measure

We fly fish all afternoon, watching the sun starting to dip lower toward the horizon

Nap & a book

We make something simple & spicy for dinner

Casey makes the fire, I pour us some whiskey,
and we watch the stars come up as the pups fall asleep at our feet

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Creating Art of Love + Place, for Everyone

"Truly, we know that we cannot really subsist on little sips of life."

- Clarissa Pinkola Estes

moab wedding photographer


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