brent + arifa / mesa arch proposal

December 27, 2017

mesa arch proposal

i’ve photographed quite a few proposals now, but every time i get that initial e-mail in my inbox or excited voicemail, i let out a little squeal. i love shooting these! they take a lot of planning and logistics, but there’s always a bit that’s left unplanned – you never know how they’re both going to react when the moment finally hits – and that’s my favorite part. it’s possibly my favorite part about being a photographer, capturing genuine emotion for couples to relive long after the moment has passed.

brent contacted me early in the fall and we started scheming. he had a few locations in mind, and together we narrowed it down to mesa arch in canyonlands national park. this is the place to be at sunrise, so it was no surprise that there were photographers lined up in front of the arch long before the sun came up. i told brent to bring his soon-to-be-fiance to a little spot just out of view of the arch (but still with an amazing view) so that they’d have a little privacy. they watched the sun come up together, and i excitedly waited for brent to drop down on one knee. he popped the question at the perfect moment, the sun had just come up over the mountains and the desert was aglow in that burnt orange early morning light. pure magic!

we had a little engagement session afterward and got to chatting a bit. i remember walking away that morning wishing we had had more time to hang out, but i might be heading to florida some time next year so get ready for a phone call, arifa and brent! 

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