happy new year // personal


what a year. i won't go into a paragraphs-long recap of 2015, i'll spare you that ;), but i will say thank you to everyone who has supported me this year. i ventured out and tried something new, i vowed to say "yes" more often, and to get uncomfortable in the hopes of learning something new and growing as a story teller and as a person. and because of the wonderful people in my life i've been able to capture memories of new babies and race cars and weddings, of people madly in love and of landscapes i never thought i'd see in a million years. i feel incredibly invigorated and excited about 2016, and i hope you too are looking ahead with passion and aim and optimism. and drive.

cheers to a very happy new year.

and thank you. :)

here are a few of my favorite images from 2015, of the places and experiences i've loved, and the people i love even more. they're not necessarily the most "technically" perfect photos, some are maybe out of focus, others are overexposed, but they capture more than the moment, and that feeling is why i take pictures in the first place.