lucky? // personal

if you know me or you've been paying attention to most of the photos i've been sharing lately, you may have noticed that i've been spending a great deal of my free time in western colorado. this is for a number of reasons (fly-fishing, mountain biking, it's hot in moab, etc.), and on my most recent trip i mentioned to a friend back home in moab that i was in aspen for a really quick, twenty-four hour trip to visit some friends. she responded that i was, "lucky". this gave me pause. lucky? i didn't fall into a car and end up in aspen. i wasn't asked to go along with anyone (my only companion this time around was the best dog i know), i wasn't paid to go or obligated in any way to be there. i wanted to go, so i went.

now, this is not to say that everything is quite so simple. i've set my life up in such a way that trips like these are do-able, pretty much on a weekly basis, because seeing and doing new things is what drives me and fulfills me unlike anything else. i know what makes me happy so i've done my best to create a life that leaves room for those things. my spanish teacher in college was a total badass (this seems like a tangent. it's not.). she grew up in el salvador, taught herself english and french, travelled all over the world, and finally landed in redlands, california as a professor of her native language. she was going through a divorce (with another professor in the language department) during one of the years that i was in her class and she would sometimes stop in the middle of her lecture and leave the room to cry. it was horrible to know that someone was wholly suffering right in front of you, yet it was inspiring to watch her come in, day after day, and laugh at a room full of 19 and 20 year olds singing the lyrics to some ridiculous shakira song, or shake her head at us for once again forgetting what the hell the subjunctive was. she said something to us one day that i will never forget: you have to make time for what you want. it sounds so simple, so obvious, but the most poignant thoughts usually are as such. YOU have to make the time. for most of us, the good things don't just fall into our laps. if you want to travel the world, you have to make time do so. you have to choose a job that allows you to make a lot of money in a short amount of time, and that allows you to take off for 3 months to see what you want to see. you have to be able to leave your place of residence without any strings attached. you have to keep your possessions to a minimum so you don't have too much to store at friends' places when you disappear to africa, or thailand, or mexico.

you have to make the time.

without a doubt, there are things that get in the way. health, family, relationships, finances, etc. sometimes the universe throws a wrench in your sweet plan of dirtbagging your way through the pacific northwest. so deal with whatever needs to be dealt with, and keep working towards your dream. and it doesn't necessarily have to be a dream of travel and gypsy-livin'. the dream can be grad school or owning your own business or it can be creating a family and building a home, from scratch. whatever it is, don't stop thinking about it. don't stop working on it. don't stop creating inventive new ways of making it happen. don't stop.

we're all moving forward anyway, might as well be moving in the direction of our dreams.

happy fall. ;) these are some photos from a recent trip up to our local mountains.