driving through the desert // personal

i spent the last seventy-two hours cruising through utah, nevada, arizona, and california. a glorified (and very expensive) trip to the beach in a friend's car ended up being just what i needed to clear my head and recharge. i guess sometimes you just need twenty solo hours in a car and a long run on the beach to figure out what's what. after i nearly lost my voice singing along with garth brooks, i let the silence settle in. i steeped myself in the emptiness and opened the car door to whatever wanted to come along on the drive. i ate a lot of jolly ranchers and drank what was probably the worst cup of coffee i've ever had, but i also discovered that i am doing exactly what i want to be doing, that i'm right where i'm supposed to be. i still have a very long way to go, but i'm moving in the right direction.

we all only have one shot to get this thing right. make a decision, make a plan, and run with it.