i believe that photography is one of our most powerful and effective means of communication. it allows us each to say, "here, look at this. this is worth capturing. i think this is beautiful." i love the process and honesty involved in taking someone's photograph, and i am inspired by the fact that something so simple has the ability to evoke such strong emotions in the viewer. a scene that is ordinary and can easily be lost and forgotten, can tell you a story and beg you to look closer.

originally from southern california, i now live in the red rock desert of moab, utah. i'm happiest when i'm outside, challenging myself on a mountain bike, on a run, or on a climb. i grew up near the ocean and feel the calmest and most at ease in the water. i like to put myself in places and situations that remind me of how small and insignificant we all are, and likewise how big and beautiful and grand this life is. oh, i also love sharing a bottle of wine on the back porch with friends, dreaming up big plans for the next adventure. :)

my style

i think some of the greatest compliments i've received from past clients have included words like:

natural  //  candid  //  beautiful  //  real

i absolutely love capturing all of the in-between moments, the messy ones, the real ones, the ones between you and your person that happen naturally. if you want perfectly posed, perfectly styled photos, i might not be your gal, and that's ok! there are tons of photographers who are fabulous with that kind of shooting. but if you're excited about taking a little wander, and allowing me in for an hour or two to capture who you are, let's do it. :)

moab portrait photographer
photos by abbi hearne

photos by abbi hearne

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